7 Ways Facebook Lead Ads Are Beneficial for Your Business Marketing

What is Facebook lead ads?

The Facebook lead ads is the name given to those ads which are created by the marketers, and it is linked with lead generation for further being able to acquire highly relevant prospect. 

The reason behind targeting leads on Facebook with the help of ads? 

Following are some of the most prominent reasons behind this targeting.  

#1: Diversification of audience

According to research, it has been reported that the users of Facebook around the world are good 2466,988,781; they are officially registered on Facebook. Further, the report has also made it clear that around 2.3 billion of the users have actively engaged themselves on Facebook.

There is no denying of the fact that till date, Facebook has been lucky enough to be able to amass a huge if a number of people to use Facebook over just a period of 10 years. This further will make it even more clear to you that as a marketer, you will be better able to grasp that it is important to take a look on the ads targeted at leads via Facebook for your respective business or even a company for which you are registered or are rendering your services. Keeping all these statistics on one side, often some marketers tend to overlook the underlying element of the Facebook lead ads.

#2: Elimination of the conversion friction

This clearly points to the fact that it provides the respective person with a chance to gather all the information which is valuable from the leads carrying ample potential. This should take place without any kind of redirection taking place towards an external landing page. The best way to achieve this is to complete the lead generation while making efficient use of the social media platform, namely Facebook, and this serves as a major plus point while talking about conversions.

This carries the practical meaning that the person is eliminating a user experience which is a major factor named conversion friction point.

#3: Friction

Friction is the name given to that psychological resistance revolving around a given element taking place in sign up or sales process. This is the same rule which is applied on to the lead conversions that take place. While keeping the conversion friction aside, the respective person is already able to save a lot of money which otherwise had to be spent on the creation of landing pages.

This happens when you have not much information on IT or do not have the needed tools in your possession. Therefore, experts suggest that instead of spending huge amounts of money on the creation of landing pages, the concerned party can make use of the same money on the campaigns for Facebook lead ads in order to increase conversions and reach.

The respective ad is designed in such a manner which revolves around a pre-built form that is required to be filled then and there on the Facebook platform. This further result in the elimination of the need to the redirection of the users towards the landing page, which in turn helps the person increase the conversions.

#4: Reaching the targeted prospects

There is no such need for speculation with the help of Facebook lead ads. The respective lead ads are designed in such a way which provides the respective person or business with a chance to easily reach the targeted audience while keeping in mind your niche. This can only be made possible with the help of carefully selecting the targeted audience and optimizing the tools available on the Facebook lead ads. This allows the concerned party to how the lead ads to the users, which carry a high profitability level towards the filling of the form. Further, it allows the ads to reach the targeted prospects that will play a key role in the conversion to leads as well as the customers in the long run.

It provides the business with an amazing opportunity to reach the people who are willing to but the offered products and services.

#5: It’s less expensive than direct advertising

It is a rather known fact that with the help of using lead ads, a person can very well save a lot of money which is spent advertisements. Based on the experience of the person, it can be confirmed that making use of Facebook lead ads results in the reduction of the costs, which further leads to the less need for money. 

#6: Customization to fit your needs

While keeping in mind the type of information which is required to be collected from the leads for engaging with them. There is an availability of a huge range of customization features on Facebook. This enables the person to collect such a set of information that will help in the sales team being able to determine the qualification level of the lead. In addition to this, it will also help in driving the lead down the funnel much easier as compared to other possible ways.

The most important elements of this information include asking the name of the company, their respective phone number and any such information which will provide a helping hand to the members of the sales team. Facebook leads help the person to do much better than before.

#7: Integration with various CRM

It has been stated every now and then that the leads ads by the social media platform Facebook have a large range of integration with the CRM solutions. This helps the respective person to import the acquired leads in a rather seamless manner, creating a direct link to the customer relationship management system; this will also make the life of the sales team much easier.

Apart from the integration with the solutions of CRM just like salesforce, if the concerned party furthermore integrates with the third-party platforms, the functionality of that business will be expanded at large. A great example of this could be that the person can easily send the selected leads to the Email service provider directly. The integration of leads ads by Facebook can be done with the help of Moosend.

The advantages and disadvantages of running Facebook lead ads 

There are a lot of elements which help in differentiating between the traditional lead generation campaigns or the modern ones. First, it is crucial to mention the two-way advantage, which are very well carried out by the campaigns. 

#1: Submission of platforms

As mentioned in the above-stated lines as well, the leads by Facebook give you a chance towards the submission of the form without having to leave and step away from the university. This serves to be one of the biggest benefits attached with the use of. 

#2: Data which is auto-filled

While keeping the in-platform form submission which includes proper coordination. There will be a very high possibility of the data input fields being completed on time. This will be the same way as the first as well as the last name of their important email. This proves to be a major reason why the process is becoming easier as well as quicker with every passing day.

What needs to be understood here is that there are some people who do not make use of Facebook as a social media platform for their business, which results in them not being much important as compared to before.

#3: Creation of landing page is not needed

It has been stated by experts every now and then that one of the tasks which carry the status of being the most daunted one is the process of planning campaign. This will also help in the creation of a landing page which will incorporate within all those elements that are needed to show off. This will also result in the respective prospects submitting the information.

In terms of the business, this means that the respective process will either be outsourced to that person you have authorized. Furthermore, if there are enough tools in possession of the respective person in addition to the right set of information, there will be no obstacle faced with regard to the creation of those in the house. No matter the situation, the person will have to put in major effort whole getting involved in such cases.

#4: Mobile and user-friendly ad

It is by default that the leads ads by Facebook are very mobile-friendly, which means that these can be used according to their own understanding and water. This further points to the fact that the person will not have to worry about the way through which the form will be submitted.  

#5: Laser Targetted friends

Due to the availability go the parameters of the audience, it has become much easier to choose and set them while creating. These campaigns also help in the process of targeting people who carry ample information about the offered products and services. 


There are some disadvantages which need to be taken in the account of the respective person, linked with the paid ads for the generation of leads. This needs to be done before the beginning of the marketing budget.

Landing pages

In the above-stated paragraphs, it has clearly been mentioned that it is better not to have a landing page, and there are a lot of reasons why landing pages are given so much importance. If the concerned party has enough resources in their possession for the creation of the landing pages, there is no doubt that you would want this to be done at the expense of user experience being sacrificed while keeping in mind the Facebook leads which are being offered by it.

A landing page which has been created in the most efficient manner is required and such page which does not include within much information and asks one question for million times will never work. A good landing page will always help in attracting maximum prospects who are ready to purchase the products and services being offered by you.


There are a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages attached to the process of via Facebook, and it has a large audience. It is important for businesses to break it down and analyze all the various elements and judge each on the basis of what suits the business bets and will help in attracting the target audience to the maximum. Be it the fact that it acts as a major distinguishing factor or the data used in the process can also prove to be data filled. People do not even have to exit the app, and the respective visitor will be able to submit the form according to his/her personal chance.

Then, on the other hand, there are various disadvantages as well, which include the fact that the process of lead generation through Facebook often further leads to the generation of poor leads. Poor leads are one thing which people want to avoid to the maximum while keeping in mind the fact that Facebook has a large audience. There is no denying that the creation of these ads may seem to be a daunting procedure, even though it is very straightforward in nature. All that is needed is for the business to have a Facebook page or an authentic website while giving huge regard to the element of the privacy policy.

There are certain tools which companies can make use of for the purpose of measuring the leads, and one of these tools which hold much fame in this matter is Facebook Pixel. This tool needs to be installed within the respective website of the business. Another important thing is that businesses also need to take into account the element of audience overlapping, and this is what any business has in its mind. Therefore, one of the best ways to go about the process is for the company to make efforts to optimize its target audience such that there does not come the point that the audience tends to overlap. This will help the business to target and hit the daily ad spend limit, and that is very important.