Content Strategy Tools Sophisticated Marketers Should Use

A successful content strategy identifies what your target audience needs, and adds valuable content that stands out from the competition. In order to accomplish this, you need to listen, respond and fine-tune until you learn what your audience needs before you can offer them content. 

There is a wide selection of tools that marketers can use to implement a content strategy that will resonate with the target audience. We’ve reviewed the best tools designed to streamline your development process and deliver the best content to your target audience.  

Monitor Backlinks 

Content creators need to implement search engine optimization into their strategy. Your website needs to be building backlinks in order to get your content on the front page of Google, and the internet by extension. You can also track all of your and the competition’s backlinks and solve any possible issues. 

This tool also comes with a wide-ranging keyword rank checker which you gives the latest ranking and even sends you updates. To see how well you rank against the competition, link Google Analytics and include your domain along with and the names of businesses you’re researching.  

Monitor Backlinks provides an in-depth understanding of your chosen keywords and shows how other related keywords rank. You’ll have the search volume, and how strong the competition is for each. As a result, you’ll know which keywords to go after.  

With this tool, you’ll know which websites are linking back to you. And you’ll know what people are saying about your brand. If people who are linking back to you are happy with your business, then you can get more visitors to your page.  


Creating content is both a creative and demanding process. Generating topics and ideas is not something that you can do mechanically, without putting in too much thought. Every writer or content creator has been frustrated due to lack of inspiration or ideas. Luckily, there’s Feedly to help you to come up with content ideas. 

Feedly gives you an up-to-date overview of relevant topics in your niche. You have various ways of coming up with topics. Use this tool to see what leaders in your field are discussing, and what the competition is focusing on.  

Feebly’s newsfeed is extremely flexible and is populated by content from your industry’s relevant websites. You can tweak the feed’s filter to your liking. You can ignore content which isn’t interesting and focus only on relevant information.  

You can sort out the content according to topics, like “business administration”. Or you can view content which is published by your business partners, the competition or leaders in the industry. Choose whether to read only the headlines or the brief summaries as well. This solution is a great way to get a feel for what your target audience is interested in reading.  


While we are still on the topic of writing, Speechnotes is an app that will make your content easily digestible. Sometimes we publish texts that are too formal and awkward. This text tool helps with making texts sound more conversational by reading them out loud. Also, by speaking your text into being, you’ll be more creative and new ideas will keep popping up as you’re articulating your content. 


Grammarly has become a staple for both professional content creators and people who just want their email to be well-written. A blog, website or a newsletter that has even one error in grammar will harm your brand’s image. We all make mistakes when writing, even seasoned writers. This is where Grammarly comes in. As the name suggests, this tool checks your grammar for errors.  

It will scan your entire text and identify and errors in grammar. While it’s not 100% accurate, it’s very close to it. The only time it mistakenly raises a red flag is if the text is written colloquially and may not be formally correct, even though everyone speaks that way.  

You can add Grammarly to your browser so that you can get immediate corrections as you type. Or alternatively, past your entire content into Grammarly’s website and the tool can edit out the mistakes.   


A powerful headline grabs the reader’s attention, and drives them to continue reading. This is why headlines are important. An effective headline will increase traffic, shares and ranking.  But good headlines are not always easy to write: you have to find a catchy and original title for every post you make.  

CoSchedule assigns a grade to the tile you came up with so you know whether a rewrite is needed. It looks at the length, tone, and word distribution of the headline and also provides ways to make it better. 

However, this tool is more than a just a software that helps you write great headlines. CoSchedule is a content marketing platform that helps you keep track of your team and maintain productivity. It allows you to manage tasks, processes and helps with organizing posts on social media. This tool is an all-in-one content management platform that will help you at every step of your content production process. 


SEO is an inseparable part of every content strategy. Your posts should contain the keywords that you’re trying to rank for. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should be keyword stuffing. But you should include specific keywords in well-written posts.  

This is why we recommend this nifty tool to writers. Simply paste your text into the tool and you’ll get a word cloud containing words that appear most frequently in your post.  

Hemingway App 

This tool is a necessity for writers. Writing well doesn’t always come easy to us. There are times when we have difficulty expressing an idea or thought. Or perhaps there’s so much to say and your sentences are long and your text comes off as too wordy. 

This is why the Hemingway App is so useful. You only have to paste your text into the editor, and the app will an analysis and determine its level of readability. For example, your text can receive a readability score on a grade level. So, someone in the 9th grade would be able to read it. This is a very helpful feature because you want to lower your readability to a 7th grade level because it will make your text accessible to a wider audience.  

The app will also display issues that need to be addressed, like if you’re using too many adjectives or adverbs. Spending a couple of minutes browsing over the app’s feedback will improve the readability of your content. 


BuzzSumo is one of the most powerful content strategy tools. It lets you see what content is trending in your niche, and how your competitors are performing. This is another tool which will help you come up with possible topics for your content. BuzzSumo gives you an overview of keywords that are trending, so you’ll have an idea of what your audience is interested in.  

You simply enter a relevant keyword to your industry, and you’ll be presented with an exhaustive list of content. You can run an analysis of your competition and find out how well their content is doing, and how it compares to your own. BuzzSumo notifies you when your competitors upload new content so you’re always informed.  

It comes packed with analytic tools and content notifications that will alert you to new trending topics. Use BuzzSumo to find how related content performed in terms of traffic and shares generated on all the popular social media platforms. The tools flexible filters let you sort the results according to social media platforms. Also, it offers an evergreen score that shows just how new the content is. 

Content marketers also rely on BuzzSumo to identify influencers in your field, which is very important if you want them to help you to promote your content. 


Great content means nothing if you can’t distribute it to the right audience. Influencers on social media are one of the channels that can spread your content quickly. 

This is why Kred is useful. Kred is a tool that increases your online clout, and makes you more marketable. The platform analyzes your social media activity, which allows you to get in touch with the most impactful influencers in your niche.  

Kred is also great because you can improve the “influencer” status of your profile, which will increase your online presence. This tool is used by both individuals and companies to build trust and legitimacy. If your audience views you as a trustworthy brand, then they are more likely to view your content. 

Make My Persona 

If you want your content to perform well, you need to understand your target audience. You need to know their interests and the problems they want solved. This is why HubSpot developed Make My Persona, which is a tool designed to help marketers build customer personas.  

Personas are the fictional characters marketers create from all the available data, which makes marketing campaigns more targeted. A well-crafted customer persona will improve your content marketing strategy by enriching the emotive sway of your campaign. Personas are also great for making tailor made content and email campaigns.  

This tool offers an easy to follow step-by-step process to build a persona for your business. It also provides useful tips on how best to collect personas and use them for your campaigns. You start off by filling out an intuitive questionnaire. After you’re done, HubSpot will email you a document containing all the key elements of your target audience. 

Make My Persona will make your content strategy more efficient because you will be able to make your messaging resonate with your target customers. 


One of the most popular social media management tools, HootSuite is designed to address every need of a social media manager. 

HootSuite lets users put together content and schedule posts across all the different social media platforms from numerous accounts. The platform allows users to manages teams and perform ROI analysis as well.  

Therefore, executing a social media content strategy using HootSuite is a seamless process. You’ll be posting your content at the appropriate time and pace. Posting content when most of your audience is offline is inefficient. However, if you post content in close sequence, then you’ll litter your audience’s feed and they will stop following you.  With HootSuite, you simply add the text to the media account and add it to a stream of scheduled posts. This way your content will get the attention it deserves. 

So, create and schedule compelling content with this powerful and gather analytics to see how your content is performing. 


The audio format is a relatively underused channel of distributing content. An audio file is an ingenious way of consuming content: by allowing people to listen to it when they’re doing other things. Unlike blog posts, which require attention to be read, or videos that need audiences to sit and watch, podcasts can be listened to on the go. 

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular with 15% of people listening to podcasts at least once a week. A majority of businesses still don’t realize the potential of podcasts. The content marketing space is very crowded. So you need to find ways to marketing your content in a way that will enjoy high rates of engagement with a small number of competitors. There are an estimated 80 million Facebook business pages, but only 700,000 podcasts. 

This is why you should include podcasts into your overall content strategy. There may hardly be any businesses using podcasts in your field. However, there are thousands of potential listeners. 

Content marketing is all about establishing credibility with your audience by producing engaging content that will portray you as a leader in the field. Podcasts are very effective in doing this because your audience will hear your thoughts directly from you. A well recorded podcast will give express your passion and knowledge on the subject. 

Audacity is an open source tool that allows you to record your blog post as an audio file or podcast. While it may take you some time to get used to this tool, the benefits are worth it. Podcasts are the perfect opportunity to get an edge over the competition.   


These are some of the most powerful marketing tools that will elevate your content strategy. You have everything to help you stay organized, create content that your audience needs, and deliver it when they need it. It’s up to you to decide which to include in your marketing campaigns.