Design Professional Looking Facebook Ad Images Even If You’re Clueless

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Good ol’ Facebook ads! Getting great conversion rates is a real struggle, particularly now with all the new changes on Facebook.

Think back to instances when your copy was flawless and your product was perfect and yet the conversion rates of your ads were subpar. Have you ever considered that the problem was in the poor design of your ads?

There’s no need to hire a professional to design your ads. I’ll show you how to design ads like a pro! When tinkering with your ad campaigns, ad creative is probably the easiest aspect to test. And the great part is that you don’t need to be a pro to create engaging and effective ads.

I will walk you through a proven 4 part approach to designing your very own amazing Facebook ad images. All this without having any experience and without paying a professional!

Let’s take a look at the most important element of your Facebook ad.

  1. Convey the Marketing Message in a Concise Way

This is the most important aspect of your Facebook ad. Your message and offer must be clear in order to even think about high conversion rates. Even if the ad design is flawless, if the message is unclear then you’re wasting time and money.

Let’s take a look at a fictional pet company to illustrate my point. The name of the made-up company is Pets of DM.

Hmm, there seems something is off about this ad. What’s wrong with it? Well for starters, the copy is about felines but the image in the ad is of an adorable dog! Huh? That’s weird. Always make sure that the image you use is consistent with the message of the ad. The ad below makes much more sense.

Don’t forget to keep the ad and the landing page to which the user is taken after clicking on the ad consistent. The message and imagery found on the landing page should be similar to the message and imagery of your ad. This is known as ad scent and plays a huge role in creating high conversion rates.

2.Use Colors That Jump Right at You!

Your Facebook ad needs to stand out in the user’s newsfeed if it is to be effective. Remember, people don’t go on Facebook to look at ads, so you need to find a way to have your ads stand out. A popular and effective technique is to use different colors in the ad from the Facebook newsfeed posts. This will certainly draw the user’s attention to your ad.

Putting together different colors is made to seem like an art or science in itself. But there’s no reason for this to be. Some companies have a predefined set of colors which form part of their brand and must be used consistently throughout various platforms. However, if your company doesn’t have specific guidelines, then head over to to come up with a set of colors that look good next to each other:

  • Only Use Pertinent First-Rate Images

Whatever you do, don’t use low-quality images or stock photos, which will make your ad look amateurish. There is an increasing amount of high-quality images on the web, so don’t worry about finding good and usable images. However, you need to pay attention that you don’t violate any copyright laws. Don’t just download images from a Google image search willy-nilly. Always check if the image you are using is licensed; be sure that it is legal for you to use that image in your ad. The unwritten rule is to avoid using images without the express permission of the owner. I highly recommend you swing by for all your image needs. This site has an enormous database of stock photos with easy to see licenses. You can’t go wrong with this great resource! Check out the website:

Take a look at text below the “Pexels License” heading:

Before you download the image, see if there is a checkmark in front the text that gives you permission to use it for commercial use without attribution.

On the other hand, has a large database of awesome illustrations. Again, you use illustrations the same way you use stock photos; check that the license allows you to use the image.

The following pops up when you search for laptop illustrations on the website:

  • Don’t Make Your Ad Wordy

Avoid jam-packing words onto your images. Facebook will downgrade your ad’s reach if the ad is too wordy. A good rule-of-thumb is to only use text that emphasizes your offer or call to action. Everything else should remain in your ad copy.

Before, ads that had over 20% of the image covered with text would not be approved by Facebook. Now, Facebook is not that strict; word laden ads may be approved but their limit depends on the amount of text in the ad. Facebook has a nifty overlay tool to help marketers check their image before submitting it for a campaign.

When designing your ad try to use at most 2 fonts, preferably only 1 if possible. Of course, stick with fonts that are clear and readable. Avoid attempts to be too creative and cute with your ads. Don’t use fonts like these below:

Trying to be too cute can come off as unprofessional and damage the impact of your ad. Head over to Google Fonts, which is an amazing library of fonts free for commercial use.

Coming Up With Ad Images To Use

When you’ve decided on what fonts, images, colors and message you will use for your ad, then the exciting part of actually making ads can start! Let’s now take a look at some examples by major companies. After, you’ll learn how to create your very own ads that are just like the ones created by the big players! But first make sure that you have Apple Keynote and Canva installed on your device. Don’t worry, they’re free to use.


Notice that these are two versions of the same ad. I will show you how to recreate your own version of this ad for our fictional company “Pets of DM”. I will use Keynote in this tutorial.

Designing Facebook Ad Images in Keynote

The New York Times Ad

Again, this ad relies on three different versions of the same layout. The simplistic design of this ad focuses the viewer’s attention on the offer. This type of ad can prove useful in retargeting campaigns where people are aware of the brand. Here, I’ll use Canva.

Designing Facebook Ad Images in Canva

Congratulations! You now have the necessary skills to design professional looking Facebook ad images. If you stick to the instructions in this article, you will be amazed at how quickly your ads will generate leads and high conversion rates!

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