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When it comes to digital marketing, one of the earliest strategies of reaching your audience was via email. Fast forward to today and now email marketing and automation is one of the most beneficial forms of marketing. Although the concepts of email marketing haven’t changed much over the years, the technology and use behind it have expanded and improved.

Email marketing allows you to reach consumers who are already bought into your business. This is the easiest audience to target and continue marketing to. These consumers have signed up for your email marketing list on their own or through your encouragement. Regardless of your business type, you can benefit from email marketing!

At Zeidan, we have all your email marketing covered. From helping you gather email lists to creating emails to automating your email campaigns, we are your go-to email marketing agency in Australia! Don’t let another day pass without incorporating email marketing into your strategy.

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We have been enjoying the services of Zeidan Digital Marketing for a number of years now and have been delighted with George's and his team's exceptional service and professionalism. Their digital marketing strategies have worked for us and we look forward to trusting Zeidan Digital Marketing with our marketing requirements for several years to come.

George from Zeidan Digital Marketing provides a prompt and professional service, he makes it his goal to see your business grow and invests in everything he does. Whilst keeping your budget in mind he takes pride in what he does and his company's quality services. Would definitely recommend Zeidan Digital Marketing to anyone needing help with their marketing!

Great to work with, personable, client centred, very professional and results focused.

Listened, carried our research then came back & provided us with the solution needed for our marketing... Explained the results obtained highlighting positive aspects of the campaign & how it can be maximised and the negative aspects & how it can be improved... demonstrated transparency, credibility, clear communication...

George's knowledge in Digital marketing and customer engagement is awesome. I thoroughly recommend his services.

Zeidan Digital Marketing has helped us increase our sales especially in these downtimes with the Covid-19 lockdowns. Thank you to the team we appreciate their support

The work on redesigning our website was outstanding and very much exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the way they executed the design and programming of our website which we believe it has boosted interest in our business. They led us through the process and everything was explained to us in simple, easy to understand terms every step of the way.

George & the team were honest & understood our project needs well. They had extensive knowledge in the industry, and the strategies implemented were fresh, and focused on results. I am pleased with the standard of work provided and will be seeking out their services again.

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Email Marketing Automation Australia

Automation Helps You Send Emails to Your Audience

Have you ever received a marketing email that was clearly meant for someone else? Mistakes are inevitable, but with automation, you can avoid that happening. Automation will use a number of factors to determine what email a consumer is supposed to receive. If someone recently signed up for your email list, a trigger will occur and your email marketing platform will use automation to send the welcome email you previously set up.

Making sure your audience gets the right type of email is key for continuing their engagement and driving more qualified leads for your business. Once you do the initial set up, the automation will do its job without you needing to check in every day. However, you must monitor your automation and optimise your emails to ensure email campaign success.

Don’t have the time to check in on your campaigns? Don’t worry! Our team at Zeidan has the experience to help you create an email marketing strategy, set up your email automation and update your campaigns. When you are searching for the best email marketing company in Australia, you don’t need to look any further. We’d love to work with you!

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Email Marketing Allows You to Be Personal

While you might think that social media is the best way to interact with your audience, you might want to think again. Social media allows you to send out updates, but can you mention people by name? You can with email marketing!

Email marketing is unique because you can personalise your emails with consumer information, including name, phone number, address and so on (however, this all depends on what info you collect when they sign up for your email list). When you use a consumer’s information in an email, it’s more likely to resonate with them because you are calling them out.

Nowadays, consumers want to know you’re paying attention to them and want to feel special. Through email marketing and marketing automation, you can stand out from your competition by personalising your email campaigns to your audience. As an email marketing agency in Australia, our team at Zeidan can help with all your email marketing needs.

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Email Marketing Automation Australia

Frequently Asked Email Marketing Automation Questions

  • What Is Email Marketing?

    Email marketing is the process of sending strategic emails to your audience. These emails will have goals in place, such as education, sales or general business updates. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to email marketing, including content type, imagery, advertisements and more.

  • What Is Email Marketing Automation?

    Can you imagine sending individual emails to every person on your email list? Probably not. Email marketing automation will do the work for you! The automation portion allows you to choose dates and times for an email to launch. Through automation, you can reach your audience at the right time.

  • I Don’t Have An Email List - Can I Buy One?

    While it is possible to buy an email list, we recommend avoiding it. Growing your email list organically will allow people who truly want to read your content to subscribe. In turn, this will provide you with more quality leads. Consumers on a bought email list will most likely not read your emails or mark your emails as spam.

  • How Often Should I Send Emails?

    Unfortunately, there’s no magical answer for this question! The number of emails you send will depend on your industry, your list size and the type of audience you are sending to. With email automation, it can help you determine when to send emails and how often you can send. By using an email marketing platform, you can also analyze data to determine if your audience wants more or less emails in their inbox.

  • What Email Marketing Metrics Are Important?

    When looking at how your emails are performing, you will want to analyze your open rate and click-through rate. If you notice your open rate is low, that means that your audience isn’t even opening your emails. There are many reasons this could happen, so make sure you aren’t breaking any of the big no-no’s when it comes to email. If your click-through rate is low, that means your emails aren’t creating conversions. You might need to tweak your messaging to better resonate with your audience. At Zeidan, we can help you understand all the email metrics and what you can do to improve them.

Serving Businesses in Australia

At Zeidan, we serve a variety of businesses throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Give us a call today at 1300 353 237 to start on your Email Marketing Automation strategy!

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