Inbound Marketing & Business Networking

Inbound Marketing & Business Networking by George Zeidan

Have you ever wondered how inbound
marketing could actually generate leads
for your business?
My name is George Zeidan. And I’m going to
show you today how inbound marketing is no
different than business networking, and
how you can utilize that to generate leads
for your business.
When you go out business networking, and
you meet people for the very first time,
and the very first time is always awkward
when you’re talking to them,
but then you meet the second time and then
the third time, and you start building
that relationship with them.
One day, they decide that they want to try
out your service and become a customer,
and assuming that you’ve done a great job
at this, they start sending you referrals.
Now, think about it online.
The very first time customers see you is
when they come to your blog or social
media post, and they get attracted to what
you say, and they start following you one
step there, one step there,
a blog here, a blog there.
And one day you might offer them something
to download like an eBook,
and assuming you’ve done a great job with
this lead magnet and now they trust you
even more, they might then take you up on
an offer and become a customer.
Now, your job has not finished there.
The more and more you give them value and
build that relationship and that trust,
then these people become a raving fan and
start referring people to you.
And that’s what inbound
marketing is all about.
It’s nothing different than
business networking.
It’s nothing different than something you
do every day.
Instead of doing it face-to-face,
you’re actually doing it online.
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Thank you very much for listening.