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The landing pages you use play a huge role in creating conversions for your business. When a consumer lands on your landing page, you only have a short time to make an impression on them. Whether they navigated from an email, ad or social post, your content and call to action needs to be spot on.

When your landing pages are too complex or don’t speak to consumer needs, that’s when you’ll see drop offs and lower conversion rates. Landing pages are just another step to the customer journey, and you need to continue to nurture those customers while they are on your page.

Having an ultra-focused but simple landing page is key for getting consumers to convert. When you partner with our team members at Zeidan, we will help you design a page that generates more leads and conversions for your business. With your goals in mind, we use best practices and industry experience to build innovative landing pages.

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Don’t take our word for our results! See what our clients have to say.

We have been enjoying the services of Zeidan Digital Marketing for a number of years now and have been delighted with George's and his team's exceptional service and professionalism. Their digital marketing strategies have worked for us and we look forward to trusting Zeidan Digital Marketing with our marketing requirements for several years to come.

George from Zeidan Digital Marketing provides a prompt and professional service, he makes it his goal to see your business grow and invests in everything he does. Whilst keeping your budget in mind he takes pride in what he does and his company's quality services. Would definitely recommend Zeidan Digital Marketing to anyone needing help with their marketing!

Great to work with, personable, client centred, very professional and results focused.

Listened, carried our research then came back & provided us with the solution needed for our marketing... Explained the results obtained highlighting positive aspects of the campaign & how it can be maximised and the negative aspects & how it can be improved... demonstrated transparency, credibility, clear communication...

George's knowledge in Digital marketing and customer engagement is awesome. I thoroughly recommend his services.

Zeidan Digital Marketing has helped us increase our sales especially in these downtimes with the Covid-19 lockdowns. Thank you to the team we appreciate their support

The work on redesigning our website was outstanding and very much exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the way they executed the design and programming of our website which we believe it has boosted interest in our business. They led us through the process and everything was explained to us in simple, easy to understand terms every step of the way.

George & the team were honest & understood our project needs well. They had extensive knowledge in the industry, and the strategies implemented were fresh, and focused on results. I am pleased with the standard of work provided and will be seeking out their services again.

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Creating a Consistent Journey From Start to Finish

When it’s time to create your landing pages, we will examine your marketing campaigns beforehand to help us create a consistent message. If you have multiple strategies, it’s likely the consumer may have seen your brand in various places.

When your landing pages match your marketing campaigns, consumers are better able to recognise your brand and make a connection. The more often a consumer sees your business, the more likely they are to trust you when it comes time to make a buying decision.

Aligning all aspects of your marketing truly does matter, even down to the landing page. If you’re looking for landing page design in Australia, you can’t go wrong with Zeidan. We will help you make your customer journey steps flow together with consistent messaging and creative content.

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Frequently Asked Landing Page Questions

  • What Is a Landing Page?

    A landing page is a standalone web page used alongside digital marketing campaigns and online advertisements. The goal of landing pages is to create conversions through a specific call to action. Unlike other pages on websites, landing pages only have one call to action to drive conversions. You can use a landing page link in emails, social media posts, advertisements and more. Landing pages should be relevant to your campaign.

  • Are There Different Types of Landing Pages?

    Yes! There are three main types of landing pages, including a page for lead capture, thank you pages and product pages. Lead capture pages focus on gathering conversions, thank you pages appear after a consumer has completed a transaction or goal, and product pages for online businesses can be used as landing pages.

  • Do I Need to Optimise Landing Pages for SEO?

    It depends. If you want your landing page to appear in Google searches, yes. If your landing page is timely or used for a one-off event, you likely don’t need to optimize for SEO. While this is a brief overview, our team at Zeidan can help you determine which route is best for your business.

  • Are Landing Pages Bad for SEO?

    Not necessarily. Some landing pages can be extremely beneficial for SEO. However, you do need to understand best practices. For example, if you already have a web page ranking for a specific keyword, you don’t want your landing page competing with it. This means you need to categorize it as a noindex attribute. While this isn’t difficult, it can be a lot to remember. Let our team at Zeidan help! 

Serving Businesses in Australia

At Zeidan, we serve a variety of businesses throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Give us a call today at 1300 353 237 to start on your Landing Pages strategy!

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