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Sending emails, posting on social media and releasing blog or eBook content can all become tedious and time-consuming work. However, there’s a solution that allows you to continue your marketing work without sparing any of your valuable time.

Marketing automation platforms allow you to create your content and schedule it for release later and well as program your emails in certain orders so that new leads are nurtured from the moment they trust you with their contact information. This saves you time, but most importantly, it creates a longer-lasting bond with your customers and sets them up to become raving reviewers!

Our team at Zeidan loves helping businesses with marketing automation (it’s our specialty). If you’re needing more time to focus on other aspects of your business, let us automate your processes so you can gain the same results without needing to lift a finger.

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Our clients say it best

Don’t take our word for our results! See what our clients have to say.

We have been enjoying the services of Zeidan Digital Marketing for a number of years now and have been delighted with George's and his team's exceptional service and professionalism. Their digital marketing strategies have worked for us and we look forward to trusting Zeidan Digital Marketing with our marketing requirements for several years to come.

George from Zeidan Digital Marketing provides a prompt and professional service, he makes it his goal to see your business grow and invests in everything he does. Whilst keeping your budget in mind he takes pride in what he does and his company's quality services. Would definitely recommend Zeidan Digital Marketing to anyone needing help with their marketing!

Great to work with, personable, client centred, very professional and results focused.

Listened, carried our research then came back & provided us with the solution needed for our marketing... Explained the results obtained highlighting positive aspects of the campaign & how it can be maximised and the negative aspects & how it can be improved... demonstrated transparency, credibility, clear communication...

George's knowledge in Digital marketing and customer engagement is awesome. I thoroughly recommend his services.

Zeidan Digital Marketing has helped us increase our sales especially in these downtimes with the Covid-19 lockdowns. Thank you to the team we appreciate their support

The work on redesigning our website was outstanding and very much exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the way they executed the design and programming of our website which we believe it has boosted interest in our business. They led us through the process and everything was explained to us in simple, easy to understand terms every step of the way.

George & the team were honest & understood our project needs well. They had extensive knowledge in the industry, and the strategies implemented were fresh, and focused on results. I am pleased with the standard of work provided and will be seeking out their services again.

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Marketing Automation Mistakes and How Zeidan Can Help

A common mistake many business owners make when beginning marketing automation is using free platforms that make use of generic contact lists full of uninterested people or paying far too much for marketing automation services they need.

Marketing automation is a wonderful process that can work incredibly well and make huge returns on investment if used correctly and patiently. We know business owners don’t always have time to dedicate to their marketing, so when you’re looking for marketing automation services in Australia, choose Zeidan.

We’ll help you choose a platform that suits your business, set you up on that platform, then design your marketing automation plan and put it into play. We’ll revisit it to ensure it’s working for you and update it as required so that the leads you generate are always engaged.

Let's Get You Started

Think Ahead With Marketing Automation

When you think about marketing, you always need to be two steps ahead of where you’re actually at. Marketing automation allows you to focus on improving certain aspects of your marketing without pausing it entirely.

If someone is at the beginning stage of the buying journey and quickly progresses, you want to have everything in place so they can complete their transaction. For example, if someone requests an appointment, you can have an email created that is triggered when an appointment request comes through. The customer moves to the next stage of the journey while you continue with your work.

All of this happens because of marketing automation. While it might not seem like a huge part of your marketing strategy, automating your processes is the glue that keeps everything functioning. Can you imagine taking each appointment request and sending individual follow up emails on your own? Let our team at Zeidan get you set up for marketing automation success!

Let's Automate Your Marketing
Digital Marketing Automation - Zeidan

Frequently Asked Marketing Automation Questions

  • Do I Need Marketing Automation?

    The simple answer, yes. Marketing automation helps connect all of your various marketing strategies and automate the processes to work together. Unless you enjoy doing all of your marketing individually, marketing automation can save you a ton of your valuable time. Marketing automation can also be more effective in driving more leads to your business.

  • I Own a Small Business. Can I Use Marketing Automation?

    Of course! Businesses of any size can take advantage of marketing automation. Our team is here to serve businesses of all types and sizes, so we’ll create a strategy that’s unique to what you need. We will make sure your automation processes are optimized so you gain more qualified leads and continue pushing consumers through the buying journey.

  • What Tools Do You Use for Marketing Automation?

    While there are plenty of tools at your disposal, our team at Zeidan utilises ActiveCampaign for the best marketing automation experience. We’ve found that clients experience good results through this platform and we encourage the use of ActiveCamapiagn. As a top marketing automation agency in Australia, we always look forward to trying new platforms to improve upon our offerings.

Serving Businesses in Australia

At Zeidan, we serve a variety of businesses throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Give us a call today at 1300 353 237 to start on your Marketing Automation strategy!

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