Social Media Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Promoting your business on different social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter is referred to as social media marketing. Companies all over the world use social media marketing to promote their brands because it comes with incredible benefits.

Social media provides amazing opportunity for brands to increase their awareness. With over 3 billion active users, social media is the perfect platform for businesses to engage with their prospects and existing customers. These platforms provide direct ways of engaging customers through comments, likes and shares. Social media can also be useful in directing traffic to your website by providing links to your page in your profile and blog posts.

A successful social media marketing strategy generates leads and increases conversion rates because the people you are engaging have agreed to receive content from your business. Social media provides a variety of ways to generate leads-from creating contests to hosting live videos. Social media is also a powerful tool to cultivate your relationship with prospects and customers alike. By responding to their posts or answering questions about your products or services, your business builds trust with your target audience by showing that you care about them and their needs.

Finally, use social media to keep an eye on your competition. Look at their marketing campaigns and learn what works and what doesn’t – this will help you adjust your marketing tactics without having to go through the learning process yourself. Also, by following your competition’s social media accounts, you can better optimize your marketing approach so that your brand’s story stands out in the noisy world of social media.

With billions of people around the globe who actively use social media it makes sense for companies to incorporate social media into their marketing campaigns. However, there is more to social media marketing than simply posting on Facebook or Instagram. The type of content that your company posts must be created specifically for each social media platform to ensure the best conversion rates possible.

Engage Because You Care 

Prospects like to view a company’s social media accounts before deciding whether to make a purchase from the business. An active and thoughtful social media account is key. You must promptly respond to questions from users and respectfully solve any negative experiences that customers have had with the company will go a long way to building credibility

Paid Social Ads 

Social media is an unbelievable way to draw new visitors to your company’s webpage. One of the best ways of promoting your brand on social media is by creating paid ads that will be shown to your target audience. When used properly, paid ads are a boon to the growth of any company. Paid social marketing is a great way to advertise on social media regardless of the size of the company.

However, there are three essential elements to take into account before paying for advertisements on social media: relevance, target audience and timing.

Your paid ads must be relevant so that your potential customers will be interested in them. That also means that you want your ads shown to the right people who might be interested in your product or service. Social media platforms allow you to upload a contacts database to their Ads manager, which will make your paid ads more targeted and effective. Finally, consider whether your ads are time sensitive. If they are, then you want to show them to your target audience at the right time when they’ll be the most receptive to your advertising.

Influencer Marketing 

Have you ever bought a product because someone you like or admire uses it? Influencer marketing is part of social media marketing and is a powerful tactic used by businesses across industries. This marketing strategy relies on famous content creators to boost traffic and spread the brand’s message to their ideal potential customers. The content creators or influencers are already well-known to your prospects across various mediums, which is why teaming up with them is an effective strategy. Influencers typically have popular blogs, and post content on many social media platforms.

This marketing strategy is popular with businesses today because traditional advertising is becoming less effective in lead generation and conversions. In addition to that, traditional marketing tends to be more expensive than digital marketing. What makes influencer marketing so effective is the philosophy underlying the strategy, which is similar to word-of-mouth marketing and social proof. These two elements are an integral part of any successful marketing campaign because people naturally trust their friends and family more than actual companies.

Benefits of Working with Influencers 

Still need to be convinced about influencer marketing? The reason why so many businesses are partnering up with influencers is because they provide results; influencers increase sales! And the boost in sales is pretty quick-ranging quite literally from the minute the influencer publishes content to a couple of weeks.

I described influencers as content creators in my definition. They are extremely skillful in making excellent and engaging content, which is phenomenal for your business.

Influencers are unmatched in their ability to build brand awareness. This powerful skill is particularly important in today’s saturated market. So the more brand awareness you can achieve the better off your business will be.

They have a large and dedicated following precisely because their personal brand is trustworthy. The lynchpin of influencer marketing is social proof and word-of-mouth. Your brand will gain so much when an influencer stands behind it. An influencer is the best testimonial that your brand could ever get! Want to know just how influential influencers really are? Well, people place so much trust in their opinions, that over 80% purchase a product or service after consulting a blog!

A strong bond between a prospect or existing customer has to exist if the brand is to survive. Think about influencers as the go-to guy who makes bonds possible by giving your brand credibility in the eyes of your target audience. And they know their audience very well, which means that their insight into who their followers are is invaluable.

As a result, turning prospects into loyal customers is one of influencers’ greatest strengths. When the prospect notices your product or service on the influencer’s page, they start thinking about your offer and how it addresses their needs and goals. And once the prospect is thinking about your brand, the process of converting them is that much easier.

Most importantly, influencers have a great return on investment rate (ROI); they blow traditional advertising out of the water! Your partnership with influencers will be a great investment and worth it if you’re trying to reach and establish a connection with your prospects.

Brand Influencer 

A brand influencer describes an individual who has a dedicated following in a particular industry or niche. Influencers tend to be charismatic people with the ability to draw the attention of a large audience. As a result, their opinions are valued by people in that space which gives the brand influencer the ability to persuade their fans to make certain types of purchases. Brand influencers come in different types: blog influencer, celebrity influencers, social media influencer and key opinion leader.  

Let’s Look at the Stats

If your influencer marketing strategy is to succeed, you first need to find the right influencer that will produce the type of content which will appeal to your prospects. 


These types of influencers don’t have an extremely large following-anywhere between few thousands to tens of thousands of people in their particular industry. Much like other influencers, they rely on blog posts, videos and social media platforms to engage with their followers. The advantage micro-influencers have is that their strong personal bond with their followers because they’re able to regularly interact with the people who follow them. These types of influencers are perfect for a brand willing to form personal relationship with prospects or existing customers.

The best way to get started with a marketing strategy with a micro-influencer is to have them write an online review or blog post about your product or service. They can also use Instagram to post a picture of your product. Due to the relatively small amount of followers, the micro-influencer will effectively interact with followers and answer questions, and finally share any links to your pages.

Celebrity Influencer 

Since celebrities have such a massive following and reach across all the different social media platforms, they are very likely to persuade your target audience to consider your brand. They are a powerful example of social proof, which is why having them to promote a product or service is a smart investment.

A common and effective method of working with a celebrity influencer is to ask them to take pictures with your products and describe the benefits to your target audience. If you really want to create a buzz around your product or service, then consider organising an event with the celebrity influencer as the host.

Blog Influencer

This type of influencer is a blogger with a readership in the thousands, or even millions. Essentially, they are superstar bloggers with their own well-known blog. Brands usually ask to write a post on the influencer’s blog or have the blogger write about the brand’s products or services.

It’s common for the blogger to give a review of your product or service in order for prospects to get a better understanding of what it is that you offer. So for instance, if you are advertising your gym then the blogger can write a post with pictures of them using the various facilities and offering a review of the experience. This type of content will bridge the gap between your service and your prospects.

Social Media Influencer

These are your “social media celebrities”-basically people who are well-known on social media platforms. These types of influencers post content about a large array of subjects such as health, travel, fashion and diet to a name only a few.

Choose a social media influencer with an image that goes well with your brand’s story and whose followers make up your target audience. If your social media influencer has a large following on Instagram, then ask them to post a picture with your brand’s product. If they use Facebook, then have them live stream a review of your product to their friends. On Youtube, ask the influencer to upload a video of them using your product or service and talk about the many ways it has improved their life.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) 

KOLs are influencers who have expert level knowledge on a certain subject. For instance, their specialty might be in vegan lifestyle or yoga. Use KOLs only if you are targeting prospects who are very knowledgeable about a particular niche. KOLs enjoy a massive amount of trust from their followers, and as a result will certainly motivate their followers to take action. 

Working with KOLs

KOLs, like other influencers are active across different social media accounts. Typically, like with other influencers, brands ask KOLs to upload of review of a product or service on Youtube or post a picture with the brand on Instagram.  

Finding Your Influencer

There are many ways to pick the right influencer for your business- from doing a run-of-the-mill search on Google to researching them on social media. Don’t forget to look at LinkedIn to find your Key Opinion Leader to promote your brand. Also, using referrals is a surefire way of identifying the right influencer for your business.

However, ever since it became clear how effective influencer marketing really is, software programs have been developed to help businesses not only find their ideal influencer, but measure their success.

BuzzSumo is a great tool that identifies the ideal candidate influencer whose followers fall in your target audience. BuzzSumo also shows you what type of content is best suited for each influencer, so that you can have the best possible conversion rate.

BuzzStream is another neat tool that’ll help you find the right influencer for your brand. When you sign in as a user, you’re given information on the success of each influencer, their contact history and interactions. This will give you the necessary insight to find your next influencer.

Make Social Media Marketing Your Strategy 

Social media marketing is a great way of bonding with your prospects and existing customers. By incorporating social media into your marketing campaign, you’ll build brand awareness and improve conversion rates. Don’t forget to also use influencer marketing, which will give your brand exposure among your prospects.